Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a course of a minimum of Six hours designed to accelerate your learning once you have passed the practical driving test. After passing the driving test most people will use faster roads (eg. motorways and national speed limit country roads) without having any previous experience, It is far safer to make your first trip onto these roads with a Driving Instructor to gain the judgement that is needed at the higher speeds rather than learning from trial and error.

Pass Plus is aimed at helping new drivers gain valuable driving experience with a qualified instructor and has been specially designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in partnership with insurers and the driving instruction industry.

The Pass Plus training can help;
• Boost your confidence and help build your driving experience
• Increase hazard awareness
• Reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a motor accident
• Save you money on your car insurance

There are six modules to study and there is no test at the end of the program.

You will gain valuable experience of;
• Driving in town
• Driving at night
• Driving in all weather conditions
• Driving on lanes and rural roads
• Driving on dual carriageways and motorways

Pass Plus will keep you safe and save you money.